The activities are designed to be done in a series of steps which aim to help students improve vocabulary and listening skills as efficiently as possible while also learning about topical issues. You can skip any of the steps but we recommend doing them in order of 1-9.

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Step 1 – STORIES

First choose a story which interests you. BTN is more suitable for low intermediate to intermediate level students while TWT and the 7.30 Report are best for intermediate to high intermediate.

Step 2 – WORDS

Choose the words you want to focus on. They might be words you don’t know or ones you are familiar with but would like more practice with.


Check that you understand what each word means by matching it with the correct definition. Use a dictionary to help you if you are unsure.

Step 4 – FOCUS

Before listening to the report, read a few questions to help you focus on what the report is about.

Step 5 – LISTEN

Listen to the report and take notes if you want.


After listening, check that you have understood key details from the report by answering some questions. You can check your answers by clicking on the ‘Answers’ button. Or even better, read through the transcript.

Step 7 – READ

You can read the transcript while listening at the same time if you want.


Practise using the words by choosing the correct one for each sentence.

Step 9 – BANK

In this final step, select the words you wish to keep in your Word Bank. Then you will be able to create your own test later, either online or as a print out.