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The Program

TWT (The World Today) is a radio program broadcast each weekday around the country by the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC). It can also be streamed on demand from the TWT website. The program is presented by some of Australia’s leading journalists and covers a wide range of local and international current affairs stories with an in depth analysis of interesting issues.

The Materials

Each week during the school term, Grabaword.com creates a worksheet based on one TWT report which is carefully selected according to the language content and topicality of the issues. The worksheets are suitable for classroom or independent learning and provide discussion and listening comprehension questions along with vocabulary extension activities.

As well as developing language skills, the materials help learners develop media literacy and knowledge about a range of topical issues which can boost performance in further studies and topic based exams such as IELTS.


The program content and materials are most suitable for intermediate to high-intermediate level learners. For lower level learners, please see our BTN worksheets.

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