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Our unique online learning activities are based on interesting news and current affairs programs broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC). They help low to high intermediate level students learn high frequency words as efficiently as possible while improving listening skills and knowledge about a range of topical issues. The philosophy behind Grabaword.com is simple – you grab the word and we help you learn it by providing a range of practice opportunities.

Each activity links to an audio and a transcript (located on the ABC’s website) and is designed to be completed in easy to follow,  sequential steps within approximately 45 minutes.


grab First choose a story and grab the words you want to focus on. They could be words you don’t know or ones you would like more practice using. You need to choose at least 6 words and a maximum of 15.
define Now grab the words on the right of the page and match them with their correct definition. The words could have more than one meaning but only the meaning used in the context of the report is listed. You can use a dictionary to help you.
listen Before you listen to the report, read a few questions to help you focus on what the issue is about. This will help you to understand it.
questions After you listen, check that you have understood key details from the report by answering some questions. You can check your answers by clicking on the ‘Answers’ button. Or even better, read through the transcript.
use In this final step, you can practice using the words in a sentence.
stories Once you finish, you can select the words you wish to keep in your Word Bank. Then you will be able create your own ‘definition match’ or ‘use in a sentence’ test later on, either online or as a print out.

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